Wednesday, November 12, 2014

And now, the Acorn Squash!

When I went to my small group on Sunday night, Wendy, My Produce Lady, offered to send home two acorn squash with me, for Mom to do something amazing with. After the success we had with Wendy's eggplant a few weeks ago, I had full confidence in her acorn squash. I called Mom to confirm that it was a good idea, and by the time I got home, Mom had found this great little recipe for acorn squash in the old-reliable BCC...

Nutty Baked Squash (from p. 439 of the BCC): We cut one acorn squash in half and removed the gooey innards - I mean, the seeds and fibers. Then we mixed cracker crumbs, chopped pecans, and a little butter, brown sugar, salt and nutmeg together. Then we filled the squash halves with the mixture and baked them in a dish for about a half hour.

Mom grilled some chicken to go with the squash dish, and we had a lovely dinner together. Dad is out of town this week, so we thought a squash-for-two would be just right for us. It tasted AMAZING! The salty crackers and pecans, the sweet brown sugar, the subtly spicy nutmeg... the crunch of the crumbs, the melt of the butter, and the squish of the squash... so many delightful sensations for the tongue! And doesn't it just look beautiful and festive?

We scooped out the leftovers and put them in a Tupperware to warm up later, and we still have another acorn squash to work some magic with. Thank you, Wendy, for this delicious opportunity!

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