Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Autumnal Variations

Since the temperature has finally dipped below 75, Mom has decorated the house for the autumn season, in classy-elegant cream tones with splashes of brilliant orange, red, and gold, and it all puts me so in the mood for chai tea, pumpkins, and everything cinnamon... 

Apple Muffins (from p. 47 of the BCC): Mom followed the "Popular Muffins" recipe (more milk and salt, less sugar), and did the apple variation. Warning: there are seven variations, so there may be more muffins in our dietary future! For the Nut-Crunch Topping, Mom used walnuts, which were an excellent choice. She made a dozen regular-sized muffins, and had enough left over to make some mini muffins too!

Tea drinkers: Mini apple muffins go great with a hot spiced or vanilla chai for afternoon tea time! If you aren't a tea drinker, don't worry, I also tried the regular sized muffins for breakfast with coffee, and they were just as delicious. No matter what your favorite hot beverage is, these muffins are the perfect thing to welcome in the cooler air, shorter days, and changing leaves... such beauty and flavor in this time of year!

By the way, a few of our readers have mentioned wanting to buy this edition of the BCC to follow along, so I went on Amazon, just to see how much it would cost. Did you know that a brand new 1976 ed. BCC is actually selling on Amazon for $689.43?! That's crazy - and doesn't even include shipping cost! I mean, granted, it claims no shelf wear, unread quality AND it will come to your door in bubble wrap (additional fun... for the kids, of course!). But how valuable can an unused recipe book really have, anyway? People, use your recipe books to make delicious food for your loved ones. Wear them out, get them covered in flour and stained with vanilla extract and speckled with tomato sauce, and that book will become priceless! 

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  1. $24.95 with free shipping sounded much better to me!