Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stuffin Those Peppers

It's a cloudy, cool day in North Carolina today, and the general mood of our house has been quiet and sleepy. So for lunch we had a nice autumn comfort-food recipe of stuffed green peppers. Mom has always made these according to her mom's (my Grammie's) recipe, but today she thought she'd try Betty's version. It's hard to compare preference with these sorts of recipes, since it's essentially the same flavors, but even the best cookbooks can't compete with dear memories and familial tradition. However, Mom did say that Betty's recipe was easier and faster to put together. (So Kelsey, Mom remembers teaching you her recipe, and recommends you try this one out, and see if it works better for you!) 

Stuffed Green Peppers (from page 291 of the BCC): 
The recipe makes six large peppers, but today it was just Mom, Dad, and I, so we cut the recipe in half and made three. So we cut the tops off of the green peppers and "removed the membranes" - which sounds super disgusting and, well, it kind of is. Wash them out and cook them in boiling salted water for 5 minutes. Also cook ground beef and onion together, and cook up some rice (from p. 221). Then stir the rice in to the beef mix, along with salt, garlic salt, and tomato sauce. This is your "stuffing." Once everything is cooked and mixed, stuff each pepper with the stuffing, pour the leftover tomato sauce over the tops, cover, and bake.

The recipe did have a note about adding another dish to contrast in color and flavor. The BCC recommends the "Sunshine Salad" (p. 377) - which is a bright yellow jello mold salad that we will be making later on. But in accordance with our autumn comfort mood, Mom opted to make another family favorite, Scalloped Corn. See how pretty the colors look together?! Her Scalloped Corn recipe is not in the BCC, but is available to our faithful readers upon special request. :)

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