Sunday, September 21, 2014

"The Candy Bar Cake"

After much anticipation (you were anticipating, weren't you?), we bring to you our first BCC cake recipe! This is by far the messiest thing we have made... but then, when you're dealing with all things marshmallowy, caramely, and fudgey, what else could you possibly expect?

There was definitely magic happening in the kitchen... the way Mom danced, flitted, and giggled reminded me a bit of the fairy, Fauna, in Disney's Sleeping Beauty... 

Of course, I had my share of giggling too... How could I not with a bowl full of butterscotch at my side? 

Chocolate Buttermallow Cake (from page 92 of the BCC): Yes, that is the official name of this cake, which is almost as ridiculous as the cake itself. A Red Devils Food Cake, with Butterscotch Filling, crushed pecans, Marshmallow Frosting, and don't forget the chocolate swirl garnish... because there just wasn't enough sugar already. This thing must have come from the mind of an insane Queen of Candyland or something. Anyway, it was tons of fun to make! But what would the critics think of the taste?

As promised, we took it to the church luncheon at Triad Christian Fellowship today. If you were not there, you really missed it - not just the cake, but quite a spread of delicious dishes, like mashed potatoes, chicken casserole. pasta salad, corn casserole, barbecue tortillas, and more, much more! 

The thing that made my day, though, was when I came into the fellowship hall after the service and saw what appeared to be adolescent male vulchers, swarming hungrily around the dessert table. The Chocolate Buttermallow Cake was sitting there in all its hyperactive-disorderly glory, tempting its admirers. Mom smiled, and without saying a word, cut a small chunk off the corner and dropped it into an eager outstretched hand. Ethan tasted it cautiously as the other boys leaned forward with wide eyes, saying, "What's it like? Is it good?" Ethan nodded and started naming off the flavors he could identify. Then he smiled and stuffed the rest of the treat in his mouth. After a satisfied gulp and sigh, he said, "Yeah, that's delicious. I'm gonna eat two more pieces!" 

 Ladies and gentlemen, that is what I call success!

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  1. What can I say, that is my precious grandson enjoying himself. I wish I could have seen that as I lie here in bed with a broken ankle, tibia, and fibula. I miss seeing him every week at church. He can always make his grandmommy laugh--and could ever since he started to talk. Thanks for posting this picture. Oh, and I would have loved some of the dessert, too.