Wednesday, September 10, 2014

That Flaky-Bakey Crust

Well I was busy working in my room today and missed the baking of the French Apple Pie... but I heard Mom rolling out the dough, imagined her pinching the edges, smelled the warm cinnamon, and heard the apple filling bubble and sizzle. It felt like magic when it appeared on the table.

Standard Pastry (from p. 316 of the BCC): 
Mom made the 9" one-crust pie, meaning it doesn't have a crust on top. (I added that bit of info, because I actually didn't know that before today.) Here's another thing I never knew - do you know that when you pinch the rim of the dough and make it look so pretty and frilly, it's called "fluting"? People compliment Mom on this crust every time she makes it. It is not as easy as the pre-made stuff you can get in the store, but it is WAY better! So flaky and light... and Mom told me today that THIS is the pie crust recipe she has used for her entire married life.

French Apple Pie (from p. 321 of the BCC): 
Ok, if you open your BCC with me, you will find "Apple Pie" has several variations. We plan to make every variety eventually (except the Canned Apple Pie, on principle). But today we did the French, because it is Dad's favorite kind... though he will confess, "I've never met a pie I didn't like."
In this variation, you add a "Crumb Topping" (which is flour, butter,  and brown sugar), instead of just butter. The BCC adds the comment: "Best served warm," and we couldn't agree more. 

Dad had his slice a la mode, and with the first bite, he closed his eyes and said, "Mmmm..." Normally, if Mom asks him if something tastes good, he'll get a mischievous twinkle in his eye and say, "I don't know yet, I might need to try another piece." But today, Mom asked the question and he immediately said "Yes!" I think his own enthusiasm took him off guard, because after a pause, he added, "I don't need another piece to know this is good!"

37 years, and the recipe is still magical.

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