Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let the sunshine in!

Yesterday was cool and very cloudy here in NC, so what better way to fight the gloominess than with a recipe titled "Sunshine Salad"?!  This is our first molded salad, and it is so pretty that it did brighten up the room and our lunch table. I must say that it was artfully made to go with a lunch of Sloppy Joe's and sweet potato fries, so the color scheme was very much in an autumnal theme - red, brown, orange, and yellowish-gold. 

Sunshine Salad (from page 377 in the BCC): This is almost exactly like a long-time Chandler family favorite dish, though our recipe uses orange jell-o, and this one uses lemon jell-o. Either one works out well, so I think it's safe to say that you can just use whichever one you prefer... or make both and let your family compare and decide! In both cases, you mix in shredded carrots and crushed pineapple, to make plain old unromantic jell-o into something new and exciting. The fruit and veggies not only make it a more healthy side dish, but also add texture and a crisp freshness. 

Mom doesn't normally "mold" her jell-o, and anyway, who really does that anymore? But we thought it was pretty classically mid 1970s, so we decided to humor Miss Crocker and go with it. Dad thought that since it had a "hole" in it, we should have filled it with something - a potted plant, or maybe a pile of whipped cream. What would you fill it with?

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